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Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association

2024 legislative GOALS

1. Disconnect Switches – revisit legislation from 2023 allowing HVAC contractors to work on the ne and load side of a disconnect switch.

2. Sales Tax Exemption for HVAC Equipment
    a. Exempt HVAC equipment from tangible property, as it is already allowed for real property.

3. Intro to trades
   a. Work with lawmakers to provide a course in middle school that would provide an introductory subject area to trades to eighth-grade students.

4. Direct Funding for Apprenticeship – follow up from the previous Session on a direct grant to registered apprenticeship programs for workforce education dollars instead of going through an LEA.

5. Challenge to Build Code

a. Allow for recuperation of fees if the prevailing party successfully when a challenge to a building code.

6. Sales Tax Holiday
   a. Include HVAC equipment up to $7500 for a yearlong sales tax holiday.

7. Tort – continue to engage in legislation to reduce frivolous lawsuits.

HB 0917 Career and Technical Education (Snyder) - Approved by the Governor
This bill and enacted several significant provisions:
It permits minors aged 16 or 17 to engage in residential building construction under specific conditions, including possessing an OSHA 10 certification and adhering to certain safety restrictions. The definition of a journey worker has been revised, including the requirement to pass a state-approved industry test, where applicable. here is a new mandate for the Department of Education to convene a workgroup to identify best practices and math pathways in CTE from middle through high school. The bill also expands the Office of Reimagining Education and Career Help's duties, which now include publishing a statewide CTE asset map by March 1, 2025.

SB 1688 Career-themed Courses (Osgood) - Approved by the Governor
This bill focuses on enhancing student awareness of CTE opportunities through several strategic initiatives:
One of the key provisions of SB 1688 is the requirement for a collaborative effort between school districts, workforce boards, and other agencies. This strategic 3-year plan will promote CTE opportunities and highlight the importance of your involvement and expertise in shaping the future of CTE in Florida. The Department of Education is tasked with aligning the collection of student achievement data in career-themed courses with the annual review of CTE offerings

HB 433 Employment Regulations (Trumbull/Esposito) – Approved by Governor
The bill prohibits political subdivisions from imposing heat exposure requirements on employers, and from giving preference based on heat exposure requirements. It also bans political subdivisions from controlling or affecting wages or employment benefits provided by parties doing business with them, and from using them as evaluation factors. The bill eliminates local governments' power to require a minimum wage for certain employees under contract, and prohibits them from regulating scheduling by a private employer, except as permitted by state or federal law.

HB 623 Builders Warranties (Steele/Burgess)The bill requires a warranty against construction defects for newly constructed homes for a period of one year. The warranty must cover material violations of the Florida Building Code and can be purchased from home warranty associations. An express written warranty provided by the builder to the initial homeowner may satisfy the statutory warranty requirement under certain conditions. Enforcement is limited to private civil actions by purchasers against non-compliant builders. The bill does not change the otherwise applicable time limit to make a claim.

2023 legislative summary

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Why Join MACCA?

Here are some notable accomplishments that we helped make happen in our 2023 Legislative Session:

Ensuring that HVAC warrantors honor the full terms of their manufacturer warranty, regardless of property owner

The Problem
In Florida, most manufacturer warranties are tied to the person, not the property. This means that when a residential property is sold, the HVAC manufacturer warranty may not necessarily transfer to the new property owner.

Legislation Passed
HB 1203 Registration and Transfer of HVAC Warranties by Rep. Maggard and Senator Boyd
The bill ensures that regardless of ownership, the HVAC manufacturer’s warranty is tied to the property. A HVAC warrantor is obligated under the original terms regardless of the property owner and may not charge a transfer fee when the property is sold. The bill ensures that this transfer does not extend the original warranty term and ensures that a licensed contractor who installs a HVAC system must document the installation through an invoice or receipt to the customer.
The bill was approved by the Governor and took effect July 1, 2023
Bill Text  Bill Summary

Supporting Skilled Workers Through Tax Relief on Tools and Equipment

The Problem
Specialized tools and equipment amount to substantial costs for skilled trade workers.

Legislation Passed

HB 7063 – Taxation
The Legislature’s 2023 Tax Package established a seven-day sales tax holiday for skilled trade worker tools and equipment, including certain hand and power tools, work boots, safety equipment, shop lights, toolboxes and belts, and plumbing and electrical equipment.
Bill Text  Bill SummaryInvesting in the Future Workforce by Expanding Career and Technical Education Opportunities

The Problem

Florida needs to place more emphasis on developing tomorrow’s talent in the skilled labor trades. Without sufficient investment into this area, Florida will face a labor shortage and skill gap in this industry, which should be addressed via early recruitment and work-based learning opportunities.

Legislation Passed:

SB 240 – Education by Sen. Hutson

The comprehensive education bill ensures that high school students have greater access to explore the skilled trades as a career pathway, through educational credit opportunities, increased funding for Career and Technical Education programs, and additional support for businesses who offer work-based learning opportunities to students.

The bill specifies that school boards must provide all high school students with the option to enroll in at least one work-based learning opportunity, which may include diversified education, preapprenticeships, and apprenticeships. Under the bill, schools, local workforce boards, community or faith-based organizations and trade associations can sponsor student apprenticeships. In order to graduate from high school, students are currently required to complete at least one credit in fine or performing arts, speech and debate, or practical arts. The bill removes the practical arts requirement, and allows students to satisfy this graduation requirement by completing a CTE credit.

The bill provides $100 million for the Workforce Development Capitalization Incentive Grant Program for schools to fund the creation or expansion of career and technical education programs. 

The bill establishes regional education consortia with representatives from local businesses and education institutes to help create additional opportunities for work-based learning. The bill streamlines the process for businesses to take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits for providing work-based learning opportunities to high school students.

To adequately reward school districts for promoting CTE engagement in middle school, the bill removes the cap on bonus funding for middle school students who earn industry certifications. For more than a decade, Florida has provided additional funding for K-12 schools, state colleges, and career centers whose students earn industry certifications. SB 240 maintains this bonus funding but provides a mechanism to link education to jobs in the economy with a higher incentive for certifications with higher anticipated wages. Bonus funding will be available for CTE dual enrollment courses that lead toward industry certifications and also when students complete three-course sequential industry certifications in a program.

The bill gives school boards have more flexibility in hiring teachers of career and technical education courses who, instead of a college degree, have at least 6 years of industry experience and fulfill training requirements. A person who holds an industry certification in a subject matter area may serve as an adjunct teacher without having to pass a subject area exam.
Bill Text   Bill Summary

Authorizing Florida’s School Voucher funding to be used for apprenticeship programs

The Problem

Florida’s school voucher scholarship programs allow eligible students to attend private schools that may better serve a student’s particular needs or to provide educational options for students with disabilities. Although it was designed to support students on their personalized educational pathway, it is limited in its options for students to pursue CTE programs.

Legislation Passed:

HB 1 – Education by Rep. Plascencia and Sen. Simon
The bill expands the authorized use of Florida Tax Credit (FTC) scholarship funds to cover tuition and fees for eligible students to pursue approved pre-apprenticeship programs.
Bill Text    Bill Summary

Limiting the time-period in which a contractor is liable to take legal action in construction defect cases

The Problem

Under the Statute of Repose, a property owner may bring an action for a construction defect, regardless of when it was discovered or should have been discovered, within 10 years. This 10-year time frame begins after the latest of the following dates: actual possession by the property owner, issuance of a certificate of occupancy, date of abandonment if not completed, or date of completion or termination of the contract between contractors

Legislation Passed:

SB 360 Causes of Action Based on Improvements to Real Property by Sen. Hutson/Rep. Snyder

The bill shortens the timeframe that a property owner may bring a cause of action against a builder for alleged construction defects, reducing the Statute of Repose from 10 years to 7 years. It also revises the list of potential commencement dates for the Statute of Repose, ensuring that it runs based upon whichever date is earliest, rather than latest.

Specifically, it deletes “the date of actual possession by the owner” and the date of completion or termination of the contract between the professional engineer, registered architect, or licensed contractor and his or her employer as commencement date. The bill adds the date that “the authority having jurisdiction issues a temporary certificate of occupancy” and the date that the authority having jurisdiction issues a “certificate of completion” as a commencement dates.
Bill Text    Bill Summary

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